"We as a Nation have long neglected the mentally ill and the mentally challenged.  This neglect must end, if our nation is to live up to its own standards of compassions and dignity and achieve the maximum use of its manpower.  This tradition of neglect must be replaced by forceful and far-reaching programs carried out at all levels of government by private individuals, and by state and local agencies in every part of the Union."


President John F. Kennedy   





Substance Abuse

Visions TCM Services is dedicated to the development of treatment services for clients and/or families at risk of or affected by substance abuse; to promote their safety, well-being, and self-sufficiency.

Visions TCM Services works closely on the development of initiatives, strategies, and performance measures to reduce the incidence of drug abuse among Central Florida clients and/or families through the means of evidence-based prevention services, improved access to effective treatment services, and strengthening the substance abuse service by improving outcome and quality of services.











                                                        VISIONS TCM SERVICES


The needs of those we serve are real. 

 It is our responsibility to assist them to find the supports that will build their belief in themselves and to restore the internal sense of resilience. 

Visions Targeted Case Management Services ensures that the clients and their families are "wrapped" in community resources.


Targeted Case Management


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